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Nikkiso Non-Seal Brochure

NPA Brochure track metering pump
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Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pumps
 Model M1L
 Model M2L
 Model M3L
 Model M4L
 Model M1H
 Model M2H
 Model M3H
 Model M4H
 Model M5H

Pulseless Metering Pumps

 Model C21
 Model C22
 Model C23
 Model C24

Canned Motor Chiller Pumps

 Model SS230
 Model S291
 Model SS231


Canned Motor Pump


  • No Shaft seals no leak paths.
  • No buffer pots to maintain.
  • No coupling or alignment problems.
  • Primary leak containment shell.
  • Proven bearing monitor detects bearing wear
         before primary leak containment shell is
         contacted by the rotor.
  • Dry stator design and sealed junction box
         terminal plate.
  • Controlled bearing environment,
         conservative bearing design and hydraulic
         thrust balancing yield extended bearing
  • Keep your working environment safe, neat & silent, and save your maintenance cost.

    Now Nikkiso Non-Seal Pumps are not only for special services.

    Design benefits lead Non-Seal Pumps to general conventional services not only for hazardous fluids but for water.

    Safe - No Shaft Protrusion to Seal - No Seals to Leak.
    Eliminates most frequent source of sudden, sometimes massive, uncontained leakege - mechanical seals. Minimizes risk of fire and explosions, burns, immediate, and long term health problems and prevents escape of unpleasant oders.

    Vacuum Tight & High Pressure Resistance.
    Hermetically sealed design prevents air contamination of process liquids under vacuum conditions and easily increases static strength of whole pump motor unit even up to 11,378psig.
    Also ideal to handle fluids of High Temperature, High Melting Points or Extremely Low Temperatures.

    Stays on Line - Not in the Shop
    Extended bearing life means lower maintenance cost and less exposure to risks associated with repair of equipment used for hazardous fluids. Proven bearing monitor detects wear before motor is damaged.

    Field Repairable
    No shimming or clearance setting required.
    Bearing replacement time usually is less than 1-1/2 hours.
    Over 70% of conventional pump repairs are for seals, pump bearings and couplings with average repair frequency of only 1 year.

    Low Routine Maintenance
    No motor bearings to lubricate or replace, no coupling alignment or lubrication, no pump bearings to lubricate, no buffer pots to fill.

    Small, Compact and Self Contained
    The integral pump and motor makes efficient use of space (about half the space required for a conventional centrifugal pump). Installation costs are reduced with minimal foundation requirements.

    Low Noise & Vibration
    Totally enclosed with neither motor fans nor exposed bearings. Typical noise levels and vibration amplitudes are 60 - 65 dB(A).


    Extended bearing life has been demonstrated on over 70,000 units in operation.

    Requirements for long bearing life are simple. Design based on years of field experience combined with seiection of the right type pump assures bearing environment necessary for long life.

    Thrust is hydraulically balanced so that thrust bearings are normally loaded only during start up and upset conditions.

    Clean liquid to lubricate and remove heat. A slurry type which utilizes a clean external flush for the motor has been developed for process streams which contain solid particles. Normally clean process liquids are satisfactory for lubrication and coolling using Basic and other types.

    Liquid not vapor. Reverse circulation type has been developed to maintain pressure in bearing area substantially above suction pressure to avoid flushing of liquids having steep vapor pressure vs. temperature curves.

    Shatter proof materials. Use of shatter proof materials which do not cause sescondary damage when momentarily run dry is adopted.

    All new wear surfaces are installed by replacement of shaft sleeves and thrust washers to establish like new surface finish and clearances.

    Automatic Trust Balance

    The hydrodynamic action of a set of fixed and variable orifices provides automatic thrust balancing to center the shaft between thrust bearings. This eliminates thrust bearing waer during normal operation. Contact between the replaceable thrust washers and the thrust face of the carbon bearings occurs only during start up and upset conditions such as loss of suction. By controlling thrust loads at the impeller, motor cooling flow is not affected by shaft position.

    Building Block System

    Nikkiso Non-Seal Pumps are only one is the world applying the building block system to the canned motor Pump. Wide interchangeabilities of pump modules and motor modules are available and these modules can be freely combined. so it is possible to minimize numbers of parts in stocks. This also makes on site repair possible.


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