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Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Metering Pumps
 Model M1L
 Model M2L
 Model M3L
 Model M4L
 Model M1H
 Model M2H
 Model M3H
 Model M4H
 Model M5H

Pulseless Metering Pumps

 Model C21
 Model C22
 Model C23
 Model C24

Packed Plunger Pumps

 Packed Plunger

Canned Motor Chiller Pumps

 Model SS230
 Model S291
 Model SS231

Canned Motor Chiller Pumps


  • Sealless Leakproof Design.
  • Corrosion Resistant Materials.
  • Compact Configuration.
  • Close Coupled Motor.
  • Heads to 60 feet.
  • Flows to 300 GPM.
  • Low NPSH Configuration.

    The NIKKISO COLDFLO is a canned motor chiller pump designed for sealless, leakproof operation. Utilizing state-of-the-art pump technology, it features maximum hydraulic and electrical efficiency. These technological improvements directly translate to improved chiller capacity and efficiency. As an additional benefit, they also increase pump reliability and reduce wear resulting in unprecedented runtime availability and Mean Time Between Preventative Maintenance (MTBPM) well above industry standards.

    The COLDFLO’s unique high efficiency inducer design assures low inlet loss, cavitation reduction, and successful long term operation even in installations with the minimal NPSH availability typical of refrigeration systems.

    Because of its sealless design, it is well suited for circulating and transferring the most aggressive heat transfer fluids in environmentally sensitive areas or locations with critical contamination concerns like Beverage, Biotechnology, Food, Medical and Pharmaceutical facilities.

    Typical COLDFLO Installations:

  • Ammonia Circulation Systems
  • CFC / HFC Circulation Systems
  • Brine Circulation Systems

  • Model SS230

    Model S291

    Model SS231

    Motor Options
    Power Insulation Enclosure
    208 / 3 / 60 Class C Totally Enclosed
    230 / 3 / 60 Class E Outdoor
    460 / 3 / 60 Class F Cl.1, Gr.D, Div.2
    Special / 50 Class H Cl.1, Gr.D, Div.1

    Materials of Construction
    Parts Name Standard Material Option
    Casing 316 SS 304 SS
    Inducer 316 SS 304 SS
    Impeller 316 SS 304 SS
    Shaft 316 SS 304 SS
    Bearing Carbon Graphite ----
    O-ring FKM EPDM


    Get pdf file of Bulletin 50300.20
    NIKKISO COLDFLO Series 9300

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