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September 22, 2005
NPA Acquires Canned Motor Pump Line.

January 3, 2002
NPA introduces MILFLO MX product line.

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Plumsteadville, January 3, 2002:    NIKKISO Pumps America, Inc. announces the introduction of five new series of Metering Pumps specifically engineered for maximum efficiency and performance. All MILFLO MX products conform to the American Petroleum Institute Standard 675 for Controlled Volume Pumps as well as the Hydraulic Institute Metering Pump Standard.

    MILFLO = NIKKISO’s Tradename for high quality, industrial duty, maximum efficiency pumps.
    M = Denotes products from the Metering Pump group.
    X = Identifies the innovative X Crank Drive.

The performance envelope of the product line covers flows from 1 ml/hr to 5,500 GPH per pumphead, against discharge pressures from a full vacuum to 5,000 psig.

Each of the five X Crank drive series are designed to provide increased drive strength, longer up-times with extended reliability and maximize power transfer for the highest possible efficiency.

All NIKKISO MILFLO MX products are configured for modular assembly. Any combination of drives, liquid ends or controls can be selected to obtain the best possible solution to users fluid handling applications. Motor orientation in the horizontal or vertical plane allows the pumps to be installed in hard to access areas.

Any size drive can be multiplexed with identical or different series, allowing a single pump to address multiple injection points, handle complex proportioning or even blending of multiple fluids in a production process. This offers users the opportunity to switch from batch to continuous processing when production space is limited and process expansion is required.

The MILFLO MX pumps can accept all of the liquid end styles: Packed Plunger for simplicity, low cost, high pressure or high temperature services; Diaphragm for sealless, leakproof operations; Sandwich Diaphragm for total secondary containment; or special configurations like Liquid Piston for slurries.

The metering accuracy of all designs is +/- 0.1%, with precise stroke length or frequency adjustment and digital stroke length indication. Manual, electronic, and pneumatic stroke controls are available.

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