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Hydraulically Actuated
Metering Pumps

 Series 977
 Series 997
 Series 1000

 Series 1000 w/
 Liquid End

 Series 1000 w/
 Tubular Diaphragm
 Liquid End

 Series 2000
 Series 3000

  • Calibration
  •  HydroDamp
  • Pulsation
  •  HydroDrive
          VSD's and
          Motor Controls

  • AC Variable
          Frequency Drive
  • DC SCR Variable
          Speed Drive
  •  HydroGarD
  • Back Pressure
  • Safety Relief
  • NIKKISO HYDROFLO® Spare Parts Pak


  • Factory Sealed for Parts Protection.
  • Simplifies Preventative Maintenance.
  • Includes All Wearing Parts.
  • Exceeds Recommended Spare Parts
  • Convenient to Specify.
  • Economical to Procure.
  • Reduces Inventory.

    NIKKISO HYDROFLO® Spare Parts Paks
    include the following components:


    Diaphragm O-Ring 
    Motor O-Ring 
    Check Valve Balls 1
    Check Valve Seats 1
    Control Spool Snap Ring 2
    Control Spool Wave Washer2
    Control Spool Plunger2
    Control Spool Spring2
    Control Spool Retaining Pin2
    Control Spool O-Rings 
    Drive Housing Gear Shaft O-Rings 
    Change of Drive Lubricant 

    *   Multiplex pumps require one (1) Spare Parts
         Pak for each liquide end.
    1   3/8" Check Valves are supplied as complete
    2   Model specific parts, only included if
    ±   Quantity varies by Model.

  • NIKKISO Hydroflo® metering pumps have been carefully designed to provide long-term, trouble-free performance in the most demanding chemical feed applications. However, no pump can be designed entirely maintenance-free. NIKKISO solves this challenge by offering Spare Parts Paks which include all necessary parts to perform routine preventative maintenance.

    The Spare Parts Paks are factory prepared in vacuum sealed, shrink wrap packages to provide consolidated protection of multiple parts. Benefits include extended parts shelf life, reduced pump downtime, reduced part cost and a single consolidated inventory item.

    Spare Parts Paks are readily available for all NIKKISO Hydroflo® pump configurations.

    Look up the Item Number of the Spare Parts Pak for your
    NIKKISO Hydroflo® pump by anwsering the questions below.

    Select a Division:  

    Select a Product Line:  

    Select a Series:  

    Select a Plunger Diameter (in 1/16th inch):  

    Select a Valve Size (in 1/16th of an inch):  

    Select a Valve Style:  

    Select a Connection Style:  

    Select a Valve Body/Seat Material Code:  

    Select a Valve Element Material Code:  

    Select a Liquid End Material Code:  

    Select a Diaphragm Material Code:  

    Part Number:  

    Get pdf file of Bulletin 24200.20
    NIKKISO HydroDamp - Pulsation Dampener
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