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Sealless Pumps:

nikkiso metering pumps  NIKKISO Milflo®
     Milflo MX M1L
     Milflo MX M2L
     Milflo MX M3L
     Milflo MX M4L
     Milflo MX M1H
     Milflo MX M2H
     Milflo MX M3H
     Milflo MX M4H
     Milflo MX M5H

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Sealless Pumps:

nikkiso milflo metering pumps  NIKKISO Milflo®
     Milflo Pulseless C21
     Milflo Pulseless C22
     Milflo Pulseless C23
     Milflo Pulseless C24

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Canned Motor
Chiller Pumps:

canned motor pumps  NIKKISO COLDFLO®

NIKKISO Pumps America, Inc. offers customers a complete line of metering pumps, accessories and fluid handling systems capable of addressing flows from 0.0002 GPH (1 ml/hour) to over 525 GPM (2,000 LPM), against pressures from a full vacuum to over 10,000 psig; supported by an extensive inventory, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and a complete North, Central and South American representative network.
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chemical feed systems

chemical feed systems
  • No Shaft seals no leak paths.
  • No buffer pots to maintain.
  • No coupling or alignment problems.
  • Primary leak containment shell.
  • Proven bearing monitor detects bearing
        wear before primary leak containment
        shell is contacted by the rotor.
  • Dry stator design and sealed junction box
         terminal plate.
  • Controlled bearing environment,
         conservative bearing design and hydraulic
         thrust balancing yield extended bearing
  • Keep your working environment safe, neat & silent, and save your maintenance cost.

    Now Nikkiso Non-Seal Pumps are not only for special services.

    Design benefits lead Non-Seal Pumps to general conventional services not only for hazardous fluids but for water.

    more metering pumps
    Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Pumps

    The NIKKISO Milflo MX
    pump is compact,
    accurate, durable and
    API-675 compliant.
    The Milflo MX is an API-675 compliant hydraulically actuated pump. This high performance metering pump utilizes many unique design features to make it a state of the art machine. Our X-Crank design, improves load carrying characteristics and precise stroke setting over polar crank designs. While the X-Crank allows us to have a much smaller footprint (as much as 50% less than that of some of our competitors), it also enables steady state accuracy to +/- 0.5%. Combine all of this with a digital stroke indicator, a gearbox that has eliminated any oil seals which can leak to the environment, a dynamic oil compensation system driving the diaphragm and extensive availability of materials and options, our heavy duty pump is second to none!

    Diaphragm materials: PTFE, 316 SS, Hastelloy C; Accuracy: +/- 0.5%

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